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Kinetic Roleplay's temporary wiki page. Post character stories, update faction information and so fourth. This is regulated by administrators, so please - no false info.

About KineticEdit

Kinetic Roleplay is a project currently under development. The goal of this project is to achieve a new style of roleplay with as much realism that can be achieved through a game. The current roleplay year of the server is 2000.



Listed in alphabetical order by LAST NAME.


Rodriguez, Enrique


Shevlin, Grant


Government Edit

Law Enforcement Emergency Response Government Administration
Los Santos Police Department
Mt. Chiliad Park Ranger Service
Los Santos Emergency Medical Service
Los Santos Fire Department
Red County Government
California Judicial Circuit

Legal Edit

News Reporting Government Contracted Private Enterprise
California State News Network Vinewood Towing Company ▪ None

Illegal Edit

Blood sets Crip sets Sureno sets Other gangs Mobs Mafias
▪ None ▪ None ▪ None ▪ None ▪ None ▪ None